National CNS Standards on Electromagnetic Induction Fluorescent Lamp

 China Times

The Ma Ying-jeou’s Administration has been very active in promoting the eco-friendly green lighting, in the hope of making Taiwan the world’s pioneer of energy saving carbon reduction. Being a new generation of green lighting as with LED, the electromagnetic induction fluorescent lamp (also known as discharge lamp or electrodeless lamp) uses the electromagnetic induction to couple the energy into the bulb to illuminate. Doing so can overcome the problems of broken filaments or electrodes commonly seen with traditional lamps. This type of electrodeless lamp has a service life of 100,000 hours, and is over 50~80% more energy efficient than traditional lamps, bringing great saving on electricity bills. In addition, the electrodeless lamp has an advantage of more than 95% history factor that can far better solve the problems of power plant’s “virtual electricity pollution claim” caused by the low history factor (only 50~60%) of traditional lamps and LED. It has a wide range of lighting applications in everyday life, and is believed to be an emerging choice of life lighting to challenge LED.


Ministry of Economics Affairs’ Bureau of Standards has initiated the setting of CNS Standards

【Commercial Times】 

Being a new generation of green lighting as with LED, the electromagnetic induction fluorescent lamp (also known as discharge lamp or electrodeless lamp) is one of the most advanced contemporary lighting in the world, with 100,000 hours of service life.

YCC TEK big orders from Seoul market

Commercial Times

The sales mission to South Korea organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) this year is currently attending the International Procurement Expo” hosted by Seoul. Taiwan’s YCC TEK, one of the 32 “EFL Electrodeless Lamp” manufacturers in the event, made sales deals worth US$ 8 million in a single day at the time of the report.


YCC TEK's January 2010 debut in Hsinchu Science Park, to begin its mass production


YCC TEK recently announced its high-frequency electrodeless lamp EFL series – a technological innovation of the new-era energy efficient lighting. This is a result from the company’s self research and development, and the mass production will commence starting January next year when the company sets its stand in Hsinchu Science Park.The high-frequency electrodeless EFL lamp does not need the traditional tungsten filaments or electrodes.



Hsinchu Science Park Investment Committee in its 102nd meeting to approve the investment proposal

NSC Press Release

On November 30, 2009, Hsinchu Science Park Investment Commission held the 102nd meeting at Executive Yuan’s National Science Council to approve investment proposals set forth by iCatch Technology, SMC Networks, Green Biotechnology….


YCC TEK launches electrodeless street lamps that can be integrated with solar cells

The YCCTEK high-end (frequency) electrodeless lamp YCCTEK EFL is the new generation of eco-friendly green lighting. (Source from YCC TEK) 






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