YCC TEK big orders from Seoul market

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The sales mission to South Korea organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) this year is currently attending the International Procurement Expo” hosted by Seoul. Taiwan’s YCC TEK, one of the 32 “EFL Electrodeless Lamp” manufacturers in the event, made sales deals worth US$ 8 million in a single day at the time of the report.



This year’s sales mission organized by TAITRA is currently attending the “International Procurement Expo” hosted in Seoul. This mission is expected to make considerable contribution to Taiwan’s sales expansion in the South Korea market. Taiwan’s YCC TEK, one of the 32 “EFL Electrodeless Lamps” manufacturers in the event, made sales deals worth US$ 8 million in a single day at the time of the report. That means Taiwan’s electrodeless lamps have been recognized and accepted in the international markets.

According to Taiwan’s chief trade representative to Seoul, Mr. Yanhon Chang, this year’s TAITRA sales mission to the “2011 Buy Korea Procurement Expo” hosted by South Korea’s KOTRA (Korea Trade Promotion Corporation) is an active promotion of Taiwan’s businesses in the South Korea’s market. South Korea invites potential buyers from all over the world to promote its import and export, and there is also the special “Foreign Exporters Zone” to seat the invited foreign exporters to promote their businesses in South Korea. There are 66 countries participating in this event, including Taiwan, the U.S., China and many other countries, gathering about 1,000 buyers and sellers in this event. Taiwan sends 32 manufacturing companies in the mission. Even thought this is a “procurement expo”, TAITRA has made an great effort to have our mission to consist of many sellers as well.

Mr. Yanhon Chang contents that YCC TEK’s electrodeless fluorescent lamp EFL is well recognized as the “21 century revolutionary life lighting” which has been very popular already. At the day of the report, a buyer made an order of 40,000 pieces of the electrodeless lamps, worth US$ 8 million. According to Ms. Luo Huang Shaioshar, the manufacturer’s site representative, YCC TEK’s electrodeless lamp EFL has an even better energy saving efficiency for environmental protection than LED, and become a competent competitor!

Mr. Yanhon Chang also says that this mission consists of 21 major manufacturers including Everlight Electronics, Wakon Semiconductor, and SBright Optronics, whose products to promote include diodes, laser bar code scanners, LED lighting equipment, printed circuit boards, solar panels, PC industrial memory cards, web-based I/O modules, network disk drive, etc. In the year’s beginning, our manufacturers are making a remarkable initial clout to attract attentions of companies from South Korea and other countries. After the signing of the cross-strait ECFA, more and more cooperation between the South Korean and Taiwan businesses are in the making, and this is the perfect timing for our businesses to hold on to the opportunities to expand their market territories in the South Korean market.







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