Hsinchu Science Park Investment Committee in its 102nd meeting to approve the investment proposal

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On November 30, 2009, Hsinchu Science Park Investment Commission held the 102nd meeting at Executive Yuan’s National Science Council to approve investment proposals set forth by iCatch Technology, SMC Networks, Green Biotechnology….


November 30, 2009


Hsinchu Science Park Investment Commission held the 102nd meeting on November 30, 2009 at Executive Yuan’s National Science Council to approve 7 investment proposals set forth by iCatch Technology, SMC Networks, Green Biotech, YCC TEK, C-Life Technologies, Cando Technology, and Perfect Defense Technology. In addition, there were also 9 pending resolutions, including 4 abrogated proposals, 4 capital add-on proposals, and 1 business items added-on proposal.

Among the approved proposals, the first 4 are from Hsinchu Science Park; the 5th from Southern Taiwan Science Park; and the 6th and 7th from Central Taiwan Science Park. The total investment on the 7 approved proposals reaches NT$ 4.73 billion; and the total investment on the 4 approved capital add-on proposals is NT$ 687.336 million.

1. iCatch Technology

Sunplus Technology is a multimedia company with business focus on the digital camera chips. To increase its competitiveness and restructure its resources, the company has iCatch Technology split out as its subsidiary with an initial capital of NT$ 500 million for a business focusing on the manufacturing of digital camera chips.

The subsidiary has an excellent technical team with solid chip design experiences, and has been able to fully utilize its years of servicing major international clients to agilely explore the market trends and timely develop system chips to fit into the core mechanism of new application fields. With all the technological and industrial niches, plus its close collaboration with its mother company Sunplus, the subsidiary company will be a leader of the SoC products in the digital camera chip industry. The company’s research and development of digital camera chips can effectively reduce our domestic digital camera OEM manufacturers’ reliance on foreign chip suppliers, and help build domestic vertical integration to constitute a complete industrial chain for an economy of scale which will be able to considerably promote our digital camera industry’s international competitiveness and increase its total output.

2. SMC Networks

The investment on this proposal is NT$ 200 million. Its objective is to provide integral solutions to the new generation of wideband mobile services applied by telecom operators, ISP, corporations, governments, households and individuals, for diversified product deployment and complete product line combination. The underlying items include clout computing infrastructure and fiber optical networking and facilities. If Accton Technology, the investor in this project, can hold on to the key technology of the high-speed chip (above 40GHz) and make joint venture with major international players, this project will give a boost to Taiwan’s wideband communication technology. Under the Administration’s current policies of six major emerging industries and clout computing, ICT hardware infrastructure is essential, and is where this project is heading, and its contribution to the overall economic benefits deserves encouragement.

The product in this proposal complies with the industrial high standards of IEEE P802.3ba specifications, and the Data Center Switch is the latest of 40G/100G level which brings high challenges with technological complexity usually monopolized by major international players like Cisco. This is the first encounter of domestic manufacturers facing this technological challenge. Meanwhile, the project is backed by the mother company Sunplus with its technology and infrastructure to launch a new independent brand name Edge-Core, which is expected to gain competitive edge with the product quality and sales channels. Accton Technology has been devoted to the development of network communication products for more than 20 years, in servicing major network communication companies at home and abroad, and has a hand deep into key technologies and profound knowledge of where the market is heading. The advantage this project is equipped with is the inheritance of deep and strong technologies of Ethernet network and gateway router, coupled with powerful software development capacity, to constitute a great flexibility in the integration of advanced network technologies for the development of new products to satisfy the varying market demands.

3. Green Biotech

The investment amount in this project is NT$ 100 million. The concept and method of building a high-tech factorie are injected in this project to construct a sterile, clean and air conditioned plantation factory, which is modern and three-dimensional. Aided with LED lighting, and up-to-date technologies of asexual seedling reproduction and non-soil water cultivation, the plantation factory is free from the annual cyclic cropping issues, and capable of producing high quality and high productivity “safe vegetables” that are stable in quality, and is free of bacteria, toxin, and heavy metals. The project plan includes using sterile non-test tube plantation replication technology to cultivate healthy seedlings, using the sterilization technology to reduce bacteria and pets in the factory, LED lighting compensation, nutrition liquid, environmental tuning, and other strategies to raise productivity. Subsequent research may focus on hydroponic technology (floating root aerosol technology) and high economic value plantation such as cultivation of Chinese medicine herbals and herbal extraction. Also to be emphasized are how to increase the market share, building partnership, and making joint venture for factory construction. This plantation factory is an architecture blending all kinds of technologies and talents from electronics, engineering, bio-tech, and business administration, and will bring Taiwan’s already decent agriculture technology into a new breed of bio-tech arena to offer more diversified agricultural and biological products and attract more talents into this bio-tech territory. This project needs to integrate all the schools of optoelectronics, electronics, environmental control, plantation seeding and cultivation, biological material, business administration and marketing, and so on, which will ultimately form a new co-operative model of industrial supply chain.


The investment amount in this project is NT$ 50 million. In view of the strong global demand on the revolutionary lighting products and the way of environmental-minded lighting development, with which the high-frequency electrodeless fluorescent lamps (EFL) will set forth a new wave of lighting prosperousness, YCC TEK gathered professional talents and proposed this project in November 2008, in the hope of using its domestically peerless technology to produce a full range of EFL products to satisfy the market demand and bring about industrial added values as a whole. To diversify its businesses, the company offers its EFL ballasts to traditional lighting (including solar modules, MCU lighting control module) for a collaborative effort to reach the new common objective of energy saving carbon reduction. The high frequency EFL does not use any traditional electrode or tungsten filament; instead it is a new breed of high-tech lighting that congregates various technologies including electronics, optoelectronics, radio wave, vacuum, and material science. This is an energy efficient, emerging product out of new technology which can give a positive response to the Government’s policy of energy saving carbon reduction. As a result, we can have high-pollutant bulbs made offshore, and ballasts of high technology threshold made at home, so as to promote domestic analog technology level, and at the same time replace the current lighting that is high pollutant from waste light bulbs and tubes. This project can considerably protect the environment and is in line with the green technology trend to help Taiwan to gain weight in the global green industries.

5. C-Life Technologies

With an investment amount of NT$ 300 million, this project aims at setting up an aggregate center in Southern Taiwan Science Park’s Tainan branch for the development, design, manufacturing and sales of lithium battery core, battery module, and related applications. With the booming of green industries, demand on energy storage is getting stronger. The lithium iron phosphate batteries developed in this project can be used in (1) light electric vehicles (LEV) such as electric bicycles and electric motorcycles; (2) high-power applications such as electric hand tools and automotive starter battery; (3) energy storage for renewable energy power generation systems; (4) electric vehicles (EV) such as pure electric vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. The market potential is great. The lithium iron phosphate battery features deep discharge and an almost 100% charging efficiency, is an ideal energy storage for solar power and wind power systems. As for the automobiles, the lithium iron phosphate battery can replace the lead-acid batteries to enhance vehicle’s horsepower and reduce its gasoline consumption. The core technologies in this project cover a wide range from the upstream battery materials, to the midstream battery design and production, to the downstream battery applications. The company’s most competitive items in this project are the construct, design and production of large capacity high power batteries. This project will provide essential elements to the emerging energy industries at home and draw a guiding line toward low-carbon and high-value to motivate the industries like electric bicycles, wind power and solar power systems to promote their technology level and competition capacity in the global energy markets.

6. Cando Technology

This project is for the development of the “Projected Capacitive Touch Panel”, with an initial investment capital of NT$ 3.5 billion, and subsequent investments can sum up as much as NT$ 24 billion. Six hectares of land in the Central Taiwan Science Park is allocated to this project. Originally a professional manufacturer of color filters, the company has successfully transformed into a professional touch panel manufacturers because of the similarity in manufacturing process of these two fields. Since its debut, touch panel has opened the humanized interface, and has become more and more widely used ever since, and its global demand is expected to grow rapidly. In June 2009, the company developed the world first Windows Touch Logo certified touch panel. While the “Projected Capacitive Touch Panel”, another innovative development by the company, is superior to the commonly seen resistor-type touch panels in the markets, and has the merits of high transmittance, fast response and durability, and will be one of the most important touch panel products in the future. With its own R&D capacity, the company has developed many technologies such as drive technology, algorithms, and linearity, which have been successfully applied to Windows 7, XP, Vista and Linux operating systems for multi-touch functionality, and can be put into use with medium and large-sized consumer electronics products in the future. It will be highly competitive in the market. Taiwan is the global center of R&D and design of electronic products, and holding on to touch panel’s key technologies and production capacity will greatly help other relevant industries as a whole. This project will deeply root the touch panel key technologies in Taiwan, and in the future collaborative efforts from industries, academic elites, and research talents can be put together to develop the next generation large-sized touch panel applications. Therefore, this project will make its contribution to the promotion of the touch panel technology level, cultivation of professionals, and the overall economic development.

7. Perfect Defense Technology

This project is for the development of the PTFE membrane, biochemical protective clothing and medical protective clothing of high-temperature steam sterilization. The investment capital is NT$ 80 million, and the operation is set up in the Central Taiwan Science Park. This company is primarily funded by a U.S. company – Defend America, Inc., and will inherit the patented technologies and products from its U.S. founder, and do research, improvement and production in Taiwan. Featured with high moisture permeability, high aero-permeability, high water pressure resistant, and fire retardant properties, PTFE membrane can be used for biochemical protective clothing, blood virus filtering (anti-AIDS infection), air filter membrane, ventilation and filtration products, chemical particle sub-membranes and catalyst film. The company combines the PTFE membrane with its locally self-developed biochemical protective solvent as the structural body, for use with nylon face fabric in selective penetration technology to produce biochemical protective clothing, shoes and gloves. Although the Gore-tex fabrics are already available in the market, the product produced from this project is distinctively made with novel, innovative technologies for superior features of waterproof, anti-virus and aero-permeability which give it a substantial market distinction from the Gore-tex fabrics. In the future, the product can be further used in medical related equipment to fully unfold its potentials in the market. This project sets an initial objective of getting orders from U.S. military for biochemical protection products, and samples of the product have been approved in preliminary tests by the U.S. military. The whole industrial chain from materials to fabrics introduced to Taiwan through this project will give a boost to our domestic biochemical self-development capability to make products for use in general medical protective supplies and consumer goods. This project will bring significant benefits to our domestic defense and livelihood industries and root the biochemical technologies in Taiwan.









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