YCC TEK launches electrodeless street lamps that can be integrated with solar cells

The YCCTEK high-end (frequency) electrodeless lamp YCCTEK EFL is the new generation of eco-friendly green lighting. (Source from YCC TEK) 


TaipeiAided with ITRI’s technology support, YCC TEK in Hsinchu Science Park, a company devoted to research and development, has accomplished its self-developed high-end (frequency) electrodeless lamp. And now, the new solar-coupled lamp has its debut on the September 30 inventions exhibition. Its modules come with 12V, 24V, and 48V to go with the 60W solar cell modules, making the development and promotion of solar street lamps a great leap forward.

The most significant merit of the YCCTEK high-end (frequency) electrodeless lamp, a new generation of green lighting, is its 100W power lamps capable of replacing the traditional 500W energy-intense lamps, saving more than 80~90% of electricity bills. For evidence, if a plant uses 3,000 YCCTEK electrodeless lamps to replace the old ones, the annual saving can reach an astonishing NT$ 40 million

As a result, the YCCTEK high-end (frequency) electrodeless lamps are suitable for installations of street lamps, tunnels, stations, airports, harbor ports, billboards, gas station, parking lots, supermarkets, factories, and production lines – nearly all indoor and outdoor lighting, to meet various requirements for money and energy saving, environmental protection, and excellent lighting.


Currently, there have been more than 100 listed Taiwan companies using the YCCTEK electrodeless lamps, including Taipower, ITRI, Hsinchu City Government, Tainan City Government, Formosa Plastics Group, Yulon Motor, Mitsubishi Motor Taiwan, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, Compal Electronics, Tang Eng, Eternal Chemical, LCY Chemical, China Steel, CPC, and YFY.

According to YCC TEK, the company so far has more than 100 distributors all over Taiwan to provide industries with quick services. The company is currently offering special discount to domestic manufacturers to narrow the gap of prices between the high-end (frequency) electrodeless lamps and traditional energy-intense lamps. It is estimated that the electricity bill saved by using the high-end (frequency) electrodeless lamps for 3.5 months will be enough to cover the installation cost. We wish to make our contribution to the happy engineering of Taiwan’s energy saving carbon reduction works. (Jiafen, Wu)








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